Epoxy Flooring Color Flakes

Epoxy flooring color flakes or chips make epoxy flooring decorative, practical and cost-effective. Flakes are made of water-based resin materials, organic materials and various pigments.

High-traffic areas, public spaces, municipal building, schools, hospitals — anywhere you need a durable, easy to maintain floor, we have a solution! Paint Chip / color Flake Floors are seamless, stain resistant, anti-slip, and can be applied in a wide range of colors and styles.

These integrally pigmented, brilliantly colored, random shape and size chips create infinite possibilities to achieve what ever appearance your resinous flooring needs are.

epoxy flooring color flakes

School Hallway, Color Flakes

epoxy flooring color flakes

Cafeteria Floor, Color Flakes

epoxy flooring color flakes

Hallway, Color Flakes

epoxy flooring color flakes

Garage, Color Flakes

epoxy flooring color flakes

Lobby Area, Color Flakes

epoxy flooring color flakes

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Small job? No problem!

Residential garage floors, basements, pools, patios and decks are where we started! Whether it’s a 500-600 square foot garage, or 50,000′ industrial building, we have crews, the experience and the know-how to get the job done.

Colors, Flake Sizes and Coverage

The look of epoxy flooring color flakes floor is a combination of underlying epoxy coupled with the color, size and volume of coverage when the broadcast layer is applied. Below are a few popular color, flake size and coverage choices:

NEW! Stone Flake Epoxy


Top 10 Color Flakes



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