What is Decorative Concrete Resurfacing?

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing is the process used to repair or restore patios, pool decks, walkways and other architectural surfaces to repair or restore the surface to a like new, or better than new finish.

The term decorative is used as there are virtually limitless options for color, texture and patterns and many different choices for patching, resurfacing and sealing systems.

Before resurfacing, concrete must be free of dirt, dust and oil At times a decorative finish is applied to brand new concrete pours, minimal setup and surface prep is needed when working over new concrete.

A mix of modified portland cement, acrylic resin, polymers and colorants is shot, (applied using a compressed air powered hopper style gun), onto the prepared surface and then hand finished to achieve the desired results.

In its simplest form, decorative concrete resurfacing may be used to restore the natural concrete finish to dirty, cracked, broken or eroded concrete surfaces. Acid stains, stenciled patterns and designs, stamped textures and exposed aggregate and other masonary finishes can be used to achieve the look of brick, cobblestone, a company logo, polished marble and all with polymerized sealers and non-slip finishes.

A map of south florida with the location of the star in the center. A map of south florida with the location of the star in the center.

Concrete Resurfacing Systems for:

  • entry ways
  • walkways
  • steps / landings
  • decks / pool areas
  • aprons, coping
  • concrete floors
  • brick / block / tile
  • exposed foundations
  • building facades
  • columns
  • garage floors
  • basements / cellars
  • precast front steps
  • exposed foundations
  • tile floors / walls
  • new construction
  • new concrete
  • entire structures!