Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Frequently

Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: My patio is cracking and has high and low spots.   Do I need to have the whole thing torn up, removed and replaced?

A: No.   Concrete Resurfacing Systems can repair the cracks and re-level the existing slab, then apply a decorative concrete surface in your choice of patterns and colors.   This method can save approximately 50% over the cost of replacing the area with plain concrete.


Q: What is it?

A: Our concrete resurfacing system uses highly modified Portland cement, acrylic resin, bonding agents, and color products which are mixed to the exect needs of the job.   The product is then shot under pressure to old or new concrete surfaces.   It will adhere to virtually any solid surface.

Q: How is the surface prepared?

A: First, the installer will acid etch and pressure wash the surface.   Next, cracks are repaired by using a concrete epoxy mix.   Low areas as well as flaking concrete are filled in by pouring some of the material and trowling it level.

Q: How do you get the different designs?

A: The designs are achieved by stencils or by taping the design by hand.

Q: How to you get the straight lines?

A: The installer uses a variety of special tapes which are put down prior to shooting and pulled up just after setting.

Q: It looks nice, but will it hold up against freezing weather?

A: Since 1988, our product has been installed in both extreme heat and cold, neither have effected the product.

Q: What happens if the process is applied and then the slab cracks?

A: Our product will do many things, but it will not hold the slab together, so it may hairline crack.   However, we can repair, reshoot and reseal the area and it will not look like a typical concrete patch job.   We can match your design and color the way it originally was.

Q: When can I use the surface?

A: This depends on temperature, humidity and other conditions.   Driveways, garage floors, aprons, and most other areas can be used within 24 hours.


Q: How long will the job take?

A: A typical job of an apron, sidewalk, driveway, front walkway and front stoop will take 3 to 3 1/2 days from start to finish.   (Weather permitting).

Q: How do I know this will last?

A: The fact that the product and process are guaranteed for 5 years should tell you something.  For the most part, no one guarantees concrete — we do!

Q: Can this be changed a few years down the road?

A: Yes, colors and designs can be re-applied and a new look will be achieved.

Q: Other than concrete, what else can you do?

A: Our products can be applied on most solid surfaces, both horizontal and vertical.


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