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Polished Concrete Floors

polished concrete floor at Banstable Airport on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Above is an example of a color stained and polished concrete floor in the Barnstable Municipal Airport, Cape Cod, MA. This type of flooring system was chosen because it's durable and easy to maintain -- even in high foot-traffic areas. Contact Concrete Resurfacing Systems for information and an estimate for polished concrete or concrete stained floor applied on your residential or commercial project.

polished concrete floor in BJ's Wholesale Club store.

BJ's Wholesale Club, Home Depot, and many other high volume retailers use polished concrete floors in their stores to provide a low cost, neutral colored surface that's easy to maintain and will stand up to foot traffic as well as fork-lifts and other warehouse equipment.

Auto Repair Facility - shows combination of polished conrete flooring with epoxy floor markings

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